Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Top 5 reasons to work at a startup in India

1.       Knowledge:
  • Startups are always at the edge of innovation and one can gain key knowledge and skills that most others only read about in magazines

2.       Experience: 
  •             Startups are small teams of very efficient and passionate people. Each person handles key responsibilities and gets to grow in their capabilities by a great deal

3.       Ownership:
  •             Each team member in a startup owns a key part of the company and learns to handle responsibility and think like an owner

4.       Rewards:
  •             Most employees do not need to take a hit on their monthly income to work at a startup in India today. They can earn close to what they earn in a large company and yet grow considerably in the career within a short span

5.       Network: 
  •             At a startup, you meet founders, innovators, angels, venture capitalists, advisors, academicians and the list goes on. You can build key relationships that can help you if you decide to venture out on your own in the future.
Keep watching this space about the top 5 reasons NOT to work at a startup in India


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