Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Case Study: Haldirams Foods International Ltd. (


Haldiram’s is India’s largest food brand with annual revenue that is more than that of McDonald’s in India! Haldirams’ primarily manufactures ethnic Indian snacks and sweets and the products are distributed across the world. They use state of the art manufacturing processes to ensure high quality of taste and hygiene. The products range from Rs. 10 per pack to as high as Rs. 400 per pack.

Reason to go digital:

The brand has a very loyal following in the older generation of consumers ranged 40 and higher. Haldiram’s realized that a whole new generation was growing up around quick serve restaurants and food delivery and did not want to miss out on reaching out them. As the younger generation went digital, they decided to make their presence there as well.

The role of Shoptimize:

Shoptimize has been their single partner in this journey. We started with the designing of the web store. We identified partners for them right from logistics to packaging and ensured that they built the best of experiences to compete with the most popular marketplaces in India. During peak festival season, Shoptimize even helped Haldiram’s with optimizing its packing and order dispatch process to keep pace with the growth they were experiencing.

Major achievements:

From the beginning, there was a clear mandate from the brand that the online store would not be a loss making endeavour. Following were the major achievements in the past 1 year:
  •  Building the back end operations at Haldirams to ensure smooth functioning
  • Handling peak period traffic and business to register 1000 orders per day
  • Ensuring online marketing cost is less than 20% of average order value
  • Achieving profitability within 6 months of launching the store
Future Plans:

Haldiram’s is now focusing on being an omni-channel brand where they can blend the experience for a consumer online as well as offline. They have launched their mobile app on the Shoptimize platform soon which carries loyalty benefits for their offline customers. They are now enabling same day delivery of their products within certain geographies.


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